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Business Loan /

required home loan on Lal Dora Property, DDA Property & GPA

Required Business Loan?

Loan 4 Sure always ready to help you as we understand your needs we can help you to render business loan at very low interest rate. Business loan are always useful for escalating existing business on higher level, renovating and refining existing medium or small businesses. Also you can use business loan as short-term working capital temporarily in need of cash. You can pay business loan within 36 Months to Maximum 60 months. Their are a lot of housing finance companies and equal number of banks but we are providing doorstep services in Paschim Vihar, Janakpuri, Pitampura, Rajouri Garden, Ramesh Nagar and other locations in Delhi.

Business Loan Details

Rate of Interest 14% - 28%
Processing Fee 1% - 3%
Loan Duration 2 Year - 5 Year
Cibil Score 700 or Above
Pre Payment Charges Nil
Lowest EMI 1% of Loan Amount

Easy Documents

Bank Statement

6 Month Bank Statement along with Business Reglistration Proof

ITR Copy / PAN Card

Copy of PAN card, 2 Year ITR, Current Year & Previous Year

Any Residence Proof

Electricity, Water & Mobile Bill, Aadhar Card, Voter ID or Passport

Registration Proof

Business Registration Certificate, Company Formation Documents

What is Business Loan?

In simple term, the word "Business" means a work that you do to earn money or an activity of buying and selling of goods and services for financial gain. It is a type of occupation profession or trade. It is a commercial activity which has so many streams like:- farming, trading, manufacturing, marketing, retailing, wholesale etc.

To maintain or setup any samll or big business, one has to make planings, need money, required knowledge, information specific equipments. As we all knew that it is very tough to servive in current economy there are huge count of unemployed and many others are starring for success. Ex: In a retail garment business, the styles & trends are changing so rapidly that it is very very difficult to match with customers taste & choice

As the industry is at bullet growth and changing per minute a good business man needs to catchup or matchup with growth. Money plays very important role in industry.

For big indurtries, it is an easy task to maintain their growth as they have big assests and good market value. But when it come to small business, they require liquid money to maintain and grow.

To flowrish their businesses, owners use to take loan from the market. Their are several reasons to go for a business loan.

  1. To open a new branch
  2. To buy new equipments
  3. To maintain operations
  4. To invest business marketing

Benefits of Business Loan

However, owner take business loan to increase their working capital, which plays an important role during tough economy time.

A loan money is a liquid money which also help business to expand. Sometimes companies already have enough money to become larger in that case a business loan allows them to cover any unexpected expenses or loss, to maintain their operation cash flow.

Another benefit of taking a business loan is that if the things dosen't go well or business went ti failure. the corporation will go bankcrupt is the event of loan default, then business liquidated and is helps to repay the loan amount, not the owner personally.

Ultimately, a loan is a loan all borrpwers have to understand and evaluate their requirements before looking for a lender. This help them to understand their needs and position in finance. Also help in getting a best fit suitable lender.

There are much things to watch out or discuse about loan with a little care, attention and forbearing you can nullify or avoid most unexpected and unpleasant things that might otherwise arise as:-

  1. Always understand the terms and conditions completely twice of the scheme in which you are entering.
  2. You must understand the agreement, so go it through.
  3. Also check out the flexiblity and frequency of repayments.
  4. What type of customer care service you are expecting from them?
  5. Also check interest rate and penalties (if Any).

You must check with other lenders too, as your current bank is not the only one who is lending you.

A good and a favorable business loan can take your business graph to the next level.

How to use loan to give business a remarkable growth?

After opting a business loan, a big quiestion arises that how to manage it, to flowrish the business and generate the profit. If it is not managed properly, it can lead to bankcurpt and liquidation of the business.

Some key factor are given below.

  1. Inventory:- Inventory places a most important role in any business. The money invested on inventory will genrate a good and immidiate returns.
  2. Marketing:- To invite more business, marketing is very important. As it a backbone of any business. The owner can invest in marketing softwares which helps to send automated e-mails and store or record the conversation had with business prospectus that helps in improving business so, investment in marketing is also a mojor task.
  3. Business Location:- Location of the company plays the most powerful role in a business growth and reputation. your business location sends a powerful message to your prospects (both customers and employes). So one can invest in new business location or upgrading his office environment.
  4. Hiring:- As we all knew that rmployes are the assests of a business. Hiring a new talent is a good sign for your company. One can also hire a recruting firm for recuirements process of new talents, this will make sure that you're getting the right people for the job.
  5. New Equipments:- Investing on new business equipments is onetime capital investment, so small business loan are best for this kind of investments.
  6. Business Website:- As market is going on a click of mouse button. Today a website is the front door to your small or big business. Customers are purchasing on a buy button click. If you already have a website then consider upgrading online shopping experience. Therefore, investing on a website is a good idea, to take your business to next-gen level.