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Loan Against Property

Required Loan Against Property ?

Loan 4 Sure always ready to help you as we understand your needs we can help you to render loan against property at low interest in Delhi or Gurgaon, as in today’s scenario we never know when we required money it can be any reason. You required money for marriage, home renovation or for investment purpose. LAP (Loan against Property) is easy way to get money on low interest rate. As in this kind of loan we are promising current property as security to bank.

Loan Against Property (LAP) in Delhi and Gurgaon you can use loan amount for investing money in new business or buying new assests as per your requirements also you can utilize loan amount in mariage or investment for new property in Paschim Vihar, Lajpat Nagar, Greater Kailash, Rohini, Janak Puri, Dwarka, Green Park and other locations in Delhi. We also help you to get loan on "LAL DORA PROPERTIES" like Mundka, Badarpur, Burari and more...

Loan Against Property Details

Rate of Interest 9.6% - 11.5%
Processing Fee 1% - 3%
Loan Duration 5 Year - 15 Year
Cibil Score 700 or Above
Pre Payment Charges Nil
Lowest EMI 1% of Loan Amount

Easy Documents

Bank Statement

6 Month Bank Statement along with Business Reglistration Proof

ITR Copy / PAN Card

Copy of PAN card, 2 Year ITR, Current Year & Previous Year

Any Residence Proof

Electricity, Water & Mobile Bill, Aadhar Card, Voter ID or Passport

Registration Proof

Business Registration Certificate, Company Formation Documents

In simple term, a loan is act of giving many property or other material goods to another party. In exchange for future repayments with interest. It is a debt providedby individual or a company to another entity at on iterest rate with a promissary note, which says all terms and conditions, all repayments terms of the paricular loan. There are term loan, which are also important to discuss here, like principle, Interest, time and date of repayment.

  1. The Principle is the amount that you borrow according to your requirements.
  2. Interest is amount charge for receiving the loan since lenders are taking a risk that one may not repay the loan. So, they have to off set that risk by charging a fee known as interest.
  3. Date of repayment is a particular dateon which borrower or pay back the loan amount to the lender.
  4. Time is the period in which a loan has to be paid back.

In present market scenerio, the loans are very common people used to give and take loan for various things from big to small like - you can take loan for personal use, computer, house, education, renewation, mortgage, small business loan, car loan, mobiles, home appliances etc and a lot more

As loans are given for so many purposes but still loans are never a good idea if you cannot afford to pay them back in a required time frame. You must understand and evaluate that one of the keys to being financially successful in understanding when loan are a good solution for your situation,

Here we will discuss about Loan Against Property (LAP). These debts are come in secure loan category. Secure loan means where the borrower gives a garantee by using his property as security. In other terms Its a kind of personal purpose loan against mortgage of residential or selected commercial properties.

Loan Against Property can be taken for many porposes like:

  1. Expanding Business
  2. Funding your dream vacation
  3. For marriage of your Son / Doughter
  4. Funding medical treatment
  5. Sending child abroad for higher studies

Eligibility criteria for this type of loans are diffrent from other. The age limit is 25 years when the loan is sanctioned, person should be self employed with a regular source of income. Your repayment track record for other loans, credit cards etc. The minimum / maximum loan amount, to be sanctioned depends on the location status of the property. If the property is at prime location or in city means Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon or any metro city like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata the loan amount would vary accordingly to location.

Loan Against Property (LAP) is the best way to get liquid money for required purpose but the only dis advantage of such loan is that if the borrower failed to repay the loan fulling in a fixed time frame, the lender can take the possession of the mortgaged proeprty.

There are some rules keep in mind when opt for LAP:

  1. You should not borrow if you can't repay
  2. Keep time frame as short as possible
  3. regular repayments are must
  4. Never borrow for invrstment purpose