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Personal Loan /

required loan children’s higher education, marriage of child, medical emergency or even for holidays.

Required Personal Loan?

Ther were times, when something we want or need to buy is slightly out of our financial reach. But as finance market is at rapid growth money is at your finger tips, you just have to search for a good loan lender in Delhi NCR and borrow a loan to fulfill your personal requirements. it's also like other loans which can give us some money when we required.

A the name suggested "Personal Loan" it's a loan that you can borrow as per your personal requirements. These type of loans are typicaly unsecured at the fixed interest rate and for fixed period of time. However different lenders can have different variations of this.

Any one can borrow personal loan for any purposes.

  • For Home Improvement
  • Making Any Major Purchase
  • Education Expenses
  • Paying Old Bill that is accuring interest rate.

Personal Loan Details

Rate of Interest 14% - 28%
Processing Fee 1% - 3%
Loan Duration 2 Year - 5 Year
Cibil Score 700 or Above
Pre Payment Charges Nil
Lowest EMI 1% of Loan Amount

Easy Documents

Bank Statement

6 Month Bank Statement along with Business Reglistration Proof

ITR Copy / PAN Card

Copy of PAN card, 2 Year ITR, Current Year & Previous Year

Any Residence Proof

Electricity, Water & Mobile Bill, Aadhar Card, Voter ID or Passport

Registration Proof

Business Registration Certificate, Company Formation Documents

What is personal loan?

As Personal Loan are known as unsecured loan, they are not backed by collateral, such as your Home Loan or Car Loan. In Personal Loan , your credit score will help the lender to determine whether to give a Personal Loan and at what interest rate depending on your credit scoreor your credit history. Personal lonas are not like credit cards rather, Personal Loan are a type of installment loan. That's why have a fixed repayment term, usually two to five years and offen carry a fixed rate of interest. you will receive a lump - sum but up front and pay the money back (with interest) in regular monthly installments.

Here improving your credit score may increase your chances of getting a loan with a lower interest rate. However before you consider taking out a Personal Loa, You may want to practice good credit habits to make sure your credit score is best.

If you qualify for a Personal Loan, it can be a great way to finance your expenses at a low interest rate.